4 Fungi’s Regenerative Takes Root in Georgia

“Congratulations to the people of Metter, 4 Fungi’s Regenerative, and all who worked to make today’s announcement happen,” said Governor Brian P. Kemp. “Innovative projects such as this remind us that the future of Georgia’s No. 1 industry remains strong and that exciting opportunities are coming to communities in every corner of the state.”

4 Fungi’s Regenerative began in 2022 as an offshoot of Better Fresh Farms, a sustainable indoor food grower and the anchor company at Georgia Grown Innovation Center in Metter. The company has developed a circular economy approach to growing mushrooms with regionally sourced agricultural waste, and reconstituting their byproducts into soil amendments through an on-site partnership with COR Compost of Savannah. They also grow multiple varieties of lettuce, herbs, hearty greens, and microgreens.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the exciting innovative ag movement that’s being home grown here in Georgia,” said 4 Fungi’s Regenerative CEO Grant Anderson. “Our focus is on providing regional food that’s resilient to global market volatility, that nurtures the health of our communities and our soil, and that grows our local economy.”

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