Better Fresh Farms: An Unconventional Approach to Farming

“I’ve had the opportunity to conduct numerous virtual interviews during my time with Creative Coast. There are certain things that I miss out on that only a real interview can provide, but I always have fun seeing the space that my subject is in. Sometimes it’s a quiet office, with diplomas and certificates decorating the wall. It could be on the family computer in the living room, with the kitchen in the background. But Grant Anderson is the first person I’ve ever interviewed that is driving a car as we Zoom on Tuesday.

He’s making the drive between Metter and Bluffton on this particular day to fulfill a surprise order at Lowcountry Fresh Market and Cafe. The market sources all of its products locally between North Carolina and Florida.

“They say their whole goal is to have farm fresh items, and that’s exactly what we do,” he says.

Anderson grows regular food. There are no special greens with outlandish names in his inventory. He grows kale, collards, lettuce, and other leafy vegetables. But his approach to farm-fresh produce is unconventional by traditional standards. He grows his crops inside refrigerated shipping containers using hydroponic water systems.

Hydroponic farming suspends the plant roots in a solution of nutrient-rich, oxygenated water. Plants grow faster in this environment due to the high amount of oxygen they receive. But Anderson’s plants also grow a little…differently.”

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