The First Client: Better Fresh Farms

“In late 2015, Grant Anderson recognized a need for improved local food options in South Georgia. Following roughly 8 months of research and planning, Better Fresh Farms, LLC (BFF) was established in May of 2016 as a sustainable, technology assisted hydroponic container farming operation in Guyton, GA (Effingham County). Following about 3 years of growing produce for sale to restaurants, grocers, and farmer’s markets in the Greater Savannah area, BFF has received considerable amounts of interest in providing more fresh produce throughout the region. In light of this increased demand, BFF has relocated grow operations to Metter, Georgia and expanded to five 40′ hydroponic container farms producing around 2,000 lbs of produce each month for local consumption. In cooperation with the City of Metter, Georgia Grown, and Georgia Southern University, there is a tremendous opportunity to make a positive impact in regards to both job creation and the wider availability of high quality produce throughout Georgia.”

What makes BFF’s approach to growing food truly unique to South Georgia is having the ability to consistently provide fresh, clean produce 365 days a year in a climate controlled environment. In addition to year-round availability, by micro-managing the growth cycle of their plants and ensuring they are always maintained at optimal conditions, BFF is able to reduce water consumption by over 90% in comparison to traditional pivot irrigated farms. As an added benefit, all produce is 100% pesticide & herbicide free! These growing methods provide an environmentally-conscious option for the Georgia consumer, drastically reducing the carbon footprint of BFF by eliminating water pollution/runoff and chemical applications, reducing freight distances, and limiting the overall resources needed to grow commercial quantities of produce. With this focus on improved agricultural production, BFF is able to provide safe and nutritious food for Georgians all the time!

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