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Cannabis Question Extra: Georgia’s First Black-Owned Hemp Farm

Green Toad Hemp Farm is the first Black-owned hemp farm in the state of Georgia. Here’s how it operates to provide customers with products that promote holistic health.

In “The Cannabis Question,” NOVA investigates the story of cannabis from the criminalization that has disproportionately harmed communities of color to the latest medical understanding of the plant. What risks does cannabis pose to the developing brain? How much do we know about its potential medical benefits? As cannabis becomes socially accepted, scientists are exploring its long-term health consequences.

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Southern Soy Long Cut

Marketing Video Southern Soy Candle

3rd Party Logistics- We specialized in Controlled Temperature loads, Dry, Flatbed , Warehousing &Trans-loading

Better Fresh Farms grows delicious Georgia Grown produce in Metter, Georgia, all through hydroponics! Listen to how founder Grant Anderson farms without soil to provide consumers and food banks with fresh produce even during the pandemic.

The Green Toad Hemp Dispensary

The Green Toad Hemp Dispensary located in Metter, GA is the storefront owned and operated by The Green Toad Hemp Farm.

Lee Brandon’s Story: Driving the Distance- From Loss to Success

Lee is a near amputee survivor and is driving others to success! Lee has dedicated her life to helping others who have gone through loss!

Between Two Trays – Interview with Grant Anderson from Better Fresh Farms

An interview with Grant Anderson, owner of Better Fresh Farms, and a look inside his setup and his plans to expand. Like, subscribe, and share. #HappyGrowing

Banker-turned-farmer shares challenges in “growing” startup

Team Oinkching- Drew, Ted and Rob make their YouTube debut with a trip to Metter, Ga to learn about technology-assisted farming and the challenges of growing a new business.
0:00 Meet Drew, Ted and Rob
1:00 Prepping for trip
2:08 Starting Oinkching
3:56 Traveling to Metter, Georgia
5:00 What is tech-based farming
7:40 Challenges in “growing” a startup
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